Military surplus store established in 1956
Owned and operated by Henry Yao

Thank you everyone for your support!

My family and I want to thank Corina Knoll for taking the time to listen and share our story to everyone. I still can’t believe I’m in the NY Times!

Hello New Yorkers – one thousand thank yous is not enough to convey my gratitude.
Much much love to everyone!

Thank you Nicolas! Without you, I won’t be here today. Thank you New York for your support! You guys are the power!

Big big thank you to Adele for starting a GoFundMe for me and my family.
Thank you so much for your donations! I’m so touched by your generosity and kindness.

I still can’t believe this is happening… being featured on Humans of NY?

I really can’t thank everyone enough for all their love and support..

And thank you so much Brandon Stanton for hosting the GoFundMe, this is life changing!

Thank you everyone! I will never forget this!

177 E Houston St # 2
New York, NY 10002 USA